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Our Services.

These are the services we provide to get your business to the next level:

IT / Telecom Services:

A good IT and Telecom infrastructure is essential for keeping your business up and running, but it could be difficult to understand the whole system: maintainance, troubleshooting, upgrading, migration, expansion...
Don't worry, we have years of experience in the IT industry to back you up. Any problem can be dealt with accordingly. We master the following skills:

- Desktop PC setup, maintainance and troubleshooting and migration (Linux, Microsoft Windows and MacOS systems)
- Server setup, maintainance and troubleshooting and migration (Linux and Microsoft Windows Server systems)
- Planning of new IT infrastructure
- Telecom service, planning & maintainance: http://www.servisiphonu.cz

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Website design & management:

The website shows the identity of your business. Although it can be difficult to find a good, tailored, low-cost solution, we offer you the answer to this problem:
for a low and fixed price, we can take care of all these hassles:

- 8 hours to set up a simple website
- 16 - 24 hours to set up a more complex CMS website
- We master HTML sites, and CMS systems as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and EPiServer.
- Custom designed to exactly meet your needs to put your business online!

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Internet Marketing and Promotion:

Internet Marketing is upcoming business in the Czech Republic. With over 10 million inhabitants, the possibilities are endless!
The question is: how can you reach them online? How will they find you in the search engines?
Having a good marketing strategy could be rather expensive and time consuming, especially if you don't know your way around.
We can guide you with the following aspects:

- internal Search Engine Optimisation
- external SEO: Directory submission/linkpartner requests
- visitor tracking for statistical analysis
- keyword search optimisation.

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